Airo today

AIRO has become the Tigieffe Group's top brand name. The production plant is located between the towns of Luzzara (province of Reggio Emilia) and Suzzara (province of Mantua). The premises extend for 13,000 square meters, half of which indoors, and are still expanding.

Tigieffe is fully equipped for producing advanced and safe machines such as self-propelled aerial platforms: every stage – from design to sales – is approached with creativity and confidence.

Our starting point for the creation of new models in an increasingly demanding "height work" market is our research and engineering division, Airotech.

Prototypes are developed by the Ferramola brothers, who have always been the driving force behind AIRO’s success story.

The backbone of the entire business process is represented by our fully automatic robotized production lines, which include end-of-line inspection and testing systems.

For faster delivery of new machines and spare parts anywhere in the world, Airo relies on a well-furnished components warehouse.

Management, sales and administration divisions complete the organization, making Tigieffe and AIRO competent providers of specific solutions for all requirements in elevated work.

Airo by TIGIEFFE s.r.l. - via villa superiore, 82 - 42045 - Luzzara (RE) Italy - tel.: +39 0522 977365 - Fax: +39 0522 977015 - P.IVA: 00914750351
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